Friday, September 7, 2012


I have thought for days, even weeks, how I wanted to start my message to you. I know I have not written in some time, but yet I do not feel the need to apologize either.

Jessica in contemplation

Life got crazy, Life got hectic, Life got busy.
Life was happy, Life was sad

To bring you up to date. Miss Winnie ended her earthly journey with us. It still brings me to tears to talk/write about it. Miss Winnie was a bright spot in my day and even more so as I became her caregiver towards the end. I can rest assured knowing she was very loved and that she knew we did everything possible for her. She had a few more seizures toward the end and we believed they robbed her of some mental capacities. Her quality of life was no longer. RIP Miss Winnie.

 In July we celebrated hubby's milestone birthday w/ a small party in which we debuted our home-built monkey hut. The monkey hut was built for our (at that time) upcoming journey to Burning Man. (I'll make a seperate post w/ pictures of the Monkey Hut)

August brought about crazy, hectic weekends. Busy work loads. Than packing up the truck for the 2400 mile drive (each way) to Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.  Never heard of Burning Man? Don't worry, I hadn't either until hubby started showing me videos & playing a song called "Home". Want to know more about Burning it. You'll be pulled in...I promise!

Burning Man

We returned only this week from Burning Man and words cannot describe for you what an experience it was. Life changing, a journey, a pilgramage. New friendships were formed, love rekindled, uniqueness appreciated. Hubby and I managed the cross country drive in approximately 52 hours each way. Sleeping at rest stops, experiencing truck stop showers and lots of giggles.

a Hubby Original

I don't know what the next few days or weeks hold in store for me but I welcome whatever it is with open arms. I met so many wonderful people in the last few months and feel my life is graced to have felt their presence.

I look forward to the future with love and open awareness. No longer fearful. Not nearly as anxious. Open to new experiences. Open to new possibilities. Finding the expressive side of myself, once again.


a Hubby Original