Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Naps

While today was just as beautiful and warm as yesterday, it called for a nap.

Curled up on a twin bed was one mommy laying on her hip, 2 pups (40+ lbs each) curled into each other & some warm winter blankets.

From my perspective it looked like a peaceful sight. Sadly we do not have any pictures to share because John was napping on the other twin bed and missed it all. We (the three of us) laid there for a couple of hours. Mommy alternating between reading her book & napping. Miss Winnie took the top of the bed & laid her head on the pillow. Miss Maggie curled herself into Winnie's belly and stretched down to the end of the bed.

It was a beautiful, serene day and the three of us were happy to just drink in the rare moment of peace and quiet.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hanging Laundry in January!

What a wonderful feeling!
What a wondeful sight!
I hung my laundry outside today on a beautiful January day.
I wished I had started the laundry a little earlier so I could have hung more out, but such is life. I love the smell of line dried laundry.

Oldest pup is doing much better. Last weekend we rushed her to the animal hospital. After being overwhelmed with them wanting to do all kinds of testing & exploring on her, we made the decision to bring her home. After reviewing her lab work, the feeling was pancreatitis. So we nursed her here at home. Hourly wakings to push 1-2 oz of water and no food for a couple of days. Seems to have done the trick. You know your the parent of an animal when you get excited that they have a bowel movement. Changed her diet up some. She will be on high protein and low fat. Right now she is not too happy with the dry food and that is fine. I'll keeping pushing  the moist food into her. Happy to have her feeling better.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Miss Winnie!

Sorry for not posting recently.  Our pup Miss Winnie hit a rough spot and it's been a very stressful time. She started out with seizures and from there moved onto what appears to be a pancreatitis. Today has been a good day and she appears to be coming out of it. Today was a big accomplishment with her drinking on her own and eating some boiled chicken.
Keeping my fingers crossed for no more seizures as we have chosen to take her off the phenobarbital.

As I write she lays on the bed watching me. I'm sure in anticipation of either my chasing her down with another squeeze bottle of water or in hopes of some more yummy, boiled chicken.

Miss Winnie is a beautiful 12 year old pup. Hubby and family got her about a week before I met him. At that time she was the youngest of 3 dogs in the house. In 12 years, she has become the oldest dog and sister to two more girls-Maggie and Scoobie Loo.

Silly Fact..I don't know why but when she started getting sick with the seizures, I took to singing to her. It seemed to help her calm down. Unfortunately for her the only thing I could think to sing at the time was Itsy, Bitsy Spider. So she's been listening to that for a little over a week now. Hand movements and all. Today when I saw she was doing better I changed her song to I Spy, with my little, little eye...She seemed happy with the change. I think she was getting tired of hearing Itsy, Bitsy, Spider.

Miss Winnie is our lover. She loves to give hugs and is vocal. I am so happy that she is feeling better.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

quick thoughts

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.” 
― A.A. Milne

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just popping in... say Hi!
We are heading off to a holiday party with some great friends of ours. And I'm dressed all pretty. Thought I better share it with you!

Haven't posted much this week, long week. Our oldest pup had a seizure one night than vomiting the next night. Took her to the vet yesterday. Going to try a 3 week course of antibiotics. Seizure may be caused by Lyme disease. Just hope she gets better soon. We love our pups so much.

Hubby has a full week of therapy in on the knee and he is doing well. It's so nice to see him sitting in a chair with the knee bent. You tend to take the small things for granted.

Currently reading "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. It is going to be released soon as a movie. Have to tell you the book is pretty good reading. If you get the chance pick it up at your local library. I suspect like most book to movies, the book will have way more detail than the movie..but I'll still watch the movie. 

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. I am sporting my new red shoes & new purse to the party tonight! 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roosters in the Hen House

So I know it's a little hard to make out but that is a Rooster sitting in the window. The building is a an old garage. This property is along the ride to my office and I have loved watching it over the last few years. It went from a run down property to coming into the hands of an artist/sculptor who started to slowly transform it. Year after year new improvements would be made. The year he found a girlfriend, there was a sculpted giraffe in the garden! During the past few years, there is a big, flat rock (to the right of my picture) that houses two bronzed deer.  They have been decorating the buck & doe for each holiday season! It's great to see what costumes they will put on them next. I love this property. 
So seeing the Rooster in the window this morning just made my day! 

But today also made me realize how much I need to find myself a point & shoot camera. (so thanks for the christmas gift mom..this is where it is going!) Before I came to the stop sign & saw the Rooster in the window, I was admiring the site up the road. An open field, the translucent moon cresting the mountain, the chickens just coming out of their house and a slight fog on the open field. Precious. I was going to pull over and go back for the shot but I knew my camera phone wouldn't do it justice. The above picture was taken w/ my camera phone. 

I am also happy to report that after I took the picture and continued thru the stop sign, I saw the beautiful chickens that the rooster was in the window primping for. I'm not sure if he was primping or just being a bully & not letting them in the old garage! Ha! 

Got my hair redone today. Very happy w/ the way it turned out. Life is feeling pretty good right now! 


Monday, January 9, 2012

retouched photo from Kielbasa Fest 2012
So the boys had a wonderful time at Kielbasa Fest. I did find some of my motivation and got a few things done that I wanted to do. Not all of them, just the important ones.
Saturday with the blue cast

retouched photo from the lake
I went to the park and spent some time taking pictures and having a picnic (in my car) with a beautiful lake scenery for my viewing pleasure. Very disappointed when I came home to find out that my white balance on the camera was off and so all of my pictures have a beautiful blue tint to them. To think I didn't notice it when I kept playing with the ISO settings. So I went back on Sunday to try and get some "better" pics. But I guess I went to early. There were not as many geese, they were further down the lake and certainly not as active the day  the before. On saturday I wished I had taken the flip with me so I could have captured their chatter. Beautiful sounds.

retouched but look at all those geese!
The guys did alot of kielbasa & tried their hand this year at smoked cheese. I didn't try any of the cheese but heard it was good. I did try some of the kielbasa & that was good. Although I do agree with Bryan, I prefer the smoky wood flavor as opposed to the smoky fruity smell. The Redneck Wine Glasses were a big hit!
REDNECK Cheese Smoker!

Dentist today for a filling, hair appt tomorrow for a touch up on my great looking dew, Grandma Miller's birthday this week & than partying with great friends in Bloomsburg on Saturday!  Looking forward to all the fun!

The LOVE of my life!

Sunday Morning 2nd attempt

Sunday Morning Shoot. Very Happy w/ this one

Sunday Morning Shoot 

Birds coming in for a landing on Saturday (retouched)

Sunday Morning Ice 

Friday, January 6, 2012


I can't believe Kielbasa Fest is already here. I've known for a couple of weeks this weekend was coming and I've been making plans in my head about all the things I wanted to get done while the man is out of the house. I even made a list. Well wouldn't you know it. I got one thing accomplished & now I'm exhausted. Hoping a good nights rest will make me feel better in the AM to cross some more things off my list.

So what is the one thing that I got accomplished.....after 6 beautiful years of marriage...I put our wedding album together. So proud of myself.

So lots of good news this week. Hubby met with the surgeon & he was happy with how the knee looked.  He came off the crutches! Woot Woot!  Went & got him fitted for a brace. Than today we met with the Physical Therapist. They did a short therapy session with him today after the eval and he starts full on therapy on Tuesday. I think we were both amazed at how much the thigh muscle atrophied in such a short amount of time. So they will take it easy for the first week, simple stretches and stimulation. Than move him onto the machines in week 2. So all is looking positive.

I go back to the office on Monday. Since the surgery, I've been working from home about 4 days a week. Thankful to work for a company that was willing to work with me in a time of need.

I'm heading off to bed. Hope the boys liked their Kielbasa Fest Red Neck Wine Glasses.

Cheers and Love to All

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Red Shoes!

Oh my! Did you ever think you would hear a woman blog about her beautiful red shoes?

I'm so excited I'm going to show you my shoes before you read about them!

I could go on & on about my beautiful red shoes. These puppies are such beauties! A special thanks to my mother in law for putting these underneath the christmas tree for me. I know that red was not her color preference (she is still trying to steer me into getting a pair of black ones) but I am in love with these! Color, style, everything!

These are Dansko Clogs in a patent red leather! I have longed for a pair of Dansko clogs for a long time now. The price was never something I could justify. I've searched ebay, I've searched facebook rummage sales, I've searched consignment stores for a pair of Dansko shoes and they were never to be within my reach. Until now!

These shoes are so beautiful. You can wear them with jeans, with dresses, with skirts, heck with a bathing suit if you wanted!  Red Shoes can carry your whole outfit. They are a statement-like men who wear power ties!

Tomorrow is my first day back in the office in almost a week & you can bet I will be sporting these beautiful new shoes! I'm like a little kid going back to school after a summer break. In my head I keep playing out what outfit I will pair with these shoes, how I will do my hair. Everything has to look good so as not to take attention off my shoes!

In case you are wondering, this is not my first pair of red shoes! I love red shoes. I had a pair of red flats when I was in high school. We bought them right after we moved to NM. They were so pretty and I wore them out. Than when I was into dressing like a cowgirl, a pair of my Roper boots were a beautiful red. Those are just about wore out too. I am pretty positive these Dansko clogs will be making lots of appearances & getting worn out as well.

Hope you all are having a happy, snappy, red Tuesday!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Marine and the Photographer | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA - Opinion

The Marine and the Photographer | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA - Opinion

What a touching story & photos. While photography has quietly become a passion of mine, I don't know that I would ever be able to write such an eloquent article to match the pictures.
Awesome job!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day!

Welcome 2012!

I am waiting for the Texans to arrive and as I wait, I have company to join me. A shy cat who wants no part of picture taking today & this lovely lady who started out peppy & than was exhausted from picture taking.

Success! Miss Lucy decided to grace us with her presence. For a short time!