Friday, January 6, 2012


I can't believe Kielbasa Fest is already here. I've known for a couple of weeks this weekend was coming and I've been making plans in my head about all the things I wanted to get done while the man is out of the house. I even made a list. Well wouldn't you know it. I got one thing accomplished & now I'm exhausted. Hoping a good nights rest will make me feel better in the AM to cross some more things off my list.

So what is the one thing that I got accomplished.....after 6 beautiful years of marriage...I put our wedding album together. So proud of myself.

So lots of good news this week. Hubby met with the surgeon & he was happy with how the knee looked.  He came off the crutches! Woot Woot!  Went & got him fitted for a brace. Than today we met with the Physical Therapist. They did a short therapy session with him today after the eval and he starts full on therapy on Tuesday. I think we were both amazed at how much the thigh muscle atrophied in such a short amount of time. So they will take it easy for the first week, simple stretches and stimulation. Than move him onto the machines in week 2. So all is looking positive.

I go back to the office on Monday. Since the surgery, I've been working from home about 4 days a week. Thankful to work for a company that was willing to work with me in a time of need.

I'm heading off to bed. Hope the boys liked their Kielbasa Fest Red Neck Wine Glasses.

Cheers and Love to All

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