Monday, January 9, 2012

retouched photo from Kielbasa Fest 2012
So the boys had a wonderful time at Kielbasa Fest. I did find some of my motivation and got a few things done that I wanted to do. Not all of them, just the important ones.
Saturday with the blue cast

retouched photo from the lake
I went to the park and spent some time taking pictures and having a picnic (in my car) with a beautiful lake scenery for my viewing pleasure. Very disappointed when I came home to find out that my white balance on the camera was off and so all of my pictures have a beautiful blue tint to them. To think I didn't notice it when I kept playing with the ISO settings. So I went back on Sunday to try and get some "better" pics. But I guess I went to early. There were not as many geese, they were further down the lake and certainly not as active the day  the before. On saturday I wished I had taken the flip with me so I could have captured their chatter. Beautiful sounds.

retouched but look at all those geese!
The guys did alot of kielbasa & tried their hand this year at smoked cheese. I didn't try any of the cheese but heard it was good. I did try some of the kielbasa & that was good. Although I do agree with Bryan, I prefer the smoky wood flavor as opposed to the smoky fruity smell. The Redneck Wine Glasses were a big hit!
REDNECK Cheese Smoker!

Dentist today for a filling, hair appt tomorrow for a touch up on my great looking dew, Grandma Miller's birthday this week & than partying with great friends in Bloomsburg on Saturday!  Looking forward to all the fun!

The LOVE of my life!

Sunday Morning 2nd attempt

Sunday Morning Shoot. Very Happy w/ this one

Sunday Morning Shoot 

Birds coming in for a landing on Saturday (retouched)

Sunday Morning Ice 

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