Friday, March 18, 2016

The End of Megace!

Yep, still haven't found that box of gauze & surgical tape. Tried using some regular surgical tape, but the same reaction occurred that I get when I use regular band aid's. Basically it rips my skin apart. So I made do with other means.

The megace has come to an end! Hallelujah; High Praise; Happy Dance

I truly did not think I was going to make it for the last 2 months. More than once I thought & vocalized my desire to just stop the treatment and deal with whatever came of it. I have a great support system that talked me thru it and kept me on track. Although I am sure it was just as hard for them to keep supporting me as it was for me to stay on it.

I was so desperate to get the megace out of my system that I looked up the 1/2 life of megace and flushed with plenty of fluids. In case you ever need to know, the 1/2 life of megace is 34 hours.
So as of today I am 4 full days off the junk.

4 days's my report:
Attitude is still suffering some.
Body is still exhausted
Still fighting for breath and strength
Weight has kept climbing.
I don't feel the need to eat non stop

Spoke to the dr's office the other day & the report just gets better & better. I was of the understanding that once I came off, I would have a cycle and bleed for an undetermined amount of time. Come to find out, being off the megace is similar to being on...they don't know what's going to happen. You may bleed, you may not. It may be horrible, it may be nothing.  Uncomprehendable to me, but it's the only answer I get.  D&C will be sometime in May and hopefully from there we will have some more definitive answers. 8 months of hurry up & wait.

So while I am struggling and packing on the pounds my dear significant other continues to drop the weight. Clothes no longer fit him so we are having to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I hope that my weight comes off and that I have to buy a new wardrobe too. I've had to buy a new "FAT" wardrobe. It mainly consists of skirts and tank tops. Can't stand anything around my waist.

Spring will be here this weekend!
Easter next weekend!
Things are looking up. I have always loved the Spring season. A time of growth & rebirth. I am happy  to have had the megace end in time for SPRING!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Almost There

1 week tomorrow...that's the goal date..the end of the megace.

March 14th I have you in my sights!

For the first time in the last six months, I finally felt cold the other day. Rather than ripping clothes off and walking around in a tank top in 6 degree weather. It was such a wonderful feeling. The bummer of it is, we are in March, everyone is gearing up for spring. Taking their coats off, changing to lighter clothing. Me, someone who was so hot thru the whole winter, feels like winter is just beginning.

Another complication of the megace has been a flare up of my hidranitis. My best guess is the fluctuation of hormones is what is causing the hidranitis to flare. I just want to scream, enough is enough!

Today, in a fit to try and organize things, I cleaned the bathroom closet and tried to organize things. Apparently I did a terrific job. I am now in need of some gauze & surgical tape. While I clearly remember putting the surgical tape in a box with the gauze, I can't seem to find that box. I found a whole other box of gauze, but there is no tape in there. :)