Sunday, March 6, 2016

Almost There

1 week tomorrow...that's the goal date..the end of the megace.

March 14th I have you in my sights!

For the first time in the last six months, I finally felt cold the other day. Rather than ripping clothes off and walking around in a tank top in 6 degree weather. It was such a wonderful feeling. The bummer of it is, we are in March, everyone is gearing up for spring. Taking their coats off, changing to lighter clothing. Me, someone who was so hot thru the whole winter, feels like winter is just beginning.

Another complication of the megace has been a flare up of my hidranitis. My best guess is the fluctuation of hormones is what is causing the hidranitis to flare. I just want to scream, enough is enough!

Today, in a fit to try and organize things, I cleaned the bathroom closet and tried to organize things. Apparently I did a terrific job. I am now in need of some gauze & surgical tape. While I clearly remember putting the surgical tape in a box with the gauze, I can't seem to find that box. I found a whole other box of gauze, but there is no tape in there. :)

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