Saturday, April 27, 2013

Early Mornings! 
Since we've gotten a new pup (Shiner Bock)I have had the pleasure of several early mornings. Since she was a winter pup we had quite a few early, snowy mornings. But this morning was a true spring morning. Nothing like it. Beautiful sunrise, while the moon is going down. No movement from birds, squirrels or other critters as they are still nestled in their beds. 

The anxious energy of an early rising pup. Realizing that it's the weekend and you have time to soak the morning up, enjoy the time you are given, make a cup of coffee to enjoy on the back porch, update the blog. (LOL)

Early mornings are truly a blessing. A time for reflection, appreciation, meditation, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, training, teaching, relaxation. Who would have ever thought you could cram so much into a tiny little moment. Early mornings.