Friday, July 25, 2014


So I honestly believed that something in the cosmos has shifted and life is once again, less of a struggle. Something different I have noticed this time around is INTENTIONS. I am notorious for putting intentions out into the universe. Along the lines of thinking, if it is meant to be, these things will come to pass. Like most people, I used to believe it was coincidence when they would happen. Not this time around. For about a solid 2 weeks now, I have been starting my day with Intentions and continuing them thru the day. Each & every day one or more of my intentions has found it's way back to me in the form of tangibleness. Just to give you an example, our Burning Man tickets have not yet arrived. This is later than we are used to and I am trying not to panic. Today I did a google search for "Burning Man where are my tickets" after singing a little diddy to the tune of Insurance Man find me money(I know you've all seen that commercial with the fishing pole & purse). My version was Burning Man find me tickets! Needless to say, I logged into my email and sure enough...our tickets have been shipped! That is just one example of the many blessings that have stepped forward in my life in the last two weeks. I truly feel so blessed by all the goodness I am surrounded by.