Monday, January 23, 2012

Miss Winnie!

Sorry for not posting recently.  Our pup Miss Winnie hit a rough spot and it's been a very stressful time. She started out with seizures and from there moved onto what appears to be a pancreatitis. Today has been a good day and she appears to be coming out of it. Today was a big accomplishment with her drinking on her own and eating some boiled chicken.
Keeping my fingers crossed for no more seizures as we have chosen to take her off the phenobarbital.

As I write she lays on the bed watching me. I'm sure in anticipation of either my chasing her down with another squeeze bottle of water or in hopes of some more yummy, boiled chicken.

Miss Winnie is a beautiful 12 year old pup. Hubby and family got her about a week before I met him. At that time she was the youngest of 3 dogs in the house. In 12 years, she has become the oldest dog and sister to two more girls-Maggie and Scoobie Loo.

Silly Fact..I don't know why but when she started getting sick with the seizures, I took to singing to her. It seemed to help her calm down. Unfortunately for her the only thing I could think to sing at the time was Itsy, Bitsy Spider. So she's been listening to that for a little over a week now. Hand movements and all. Today when I saw she was doing better I changed her song to I Spy, with my little, little eye...She seemed happy with the change. I think she was getting tired of hearing Itsy, Bitsy, Spider.

Miss Winnie is our lover. She loves to give hugs and is vocal. I am so happy that she is feeling better.

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