Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Naps

While today was just as beautiful and warm as yesterday, it called for a nap.

Curled up on a twin bed was one mommy laying on her hip, 2 pups (40+ lbs each) curled into each other & some warm winter blankets.

From my perspective it looked like a peaceful sight. Sadly we do not have any pictures to share because John was napping on the other twin bed and missed it all. We (the three of us) laid there for a couple of hours. Mommy alternating between reading her book & napping. Miss Winnie took the top of the bed & laid her head on the pillow. Miss Maggie curled herself into Winnie's belly and stretched down to the end of the bed.

It was a beautiful, serene day and the three of us were happy to just drink in the rare moment of peace and quiet.

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