Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roosters in the Hen House

So I know it's a little hard to make out but that is a Rooster sitting in the window. The building is a an old garage. This property is along the ride to my office and I have loved watching it over the last few years. It went from a run down property to coming into the hands of an artist/sculptor who started to slowly transform it. Year after year new improvements would be made. The year he found a girlfriend, there was a sculpted giraffe in the garden! During the past few years, there is a big, flat rock (to the right of my picture) that houses two bronzed deer.  They have been decorating the buck & doe for each holiday season! It's great to see what costumes they will put on them next. I love this property. 
So seeing the Rooster in the window this morning just made my day! 

But today also made me realize how much I need to find myself a point & shoot camera. (so thanks for the christmas gift mom..this is where it is going!) Before I came to the stop sign & saw the Rooster in the window, I was admiring the site up the road. An open field, the translucent moon cresting the mountain, the chickens just coming out of their house and a slight fog on the open field. Precious. I was going to pull over and go back for the shot but I knew my camera phone wouldn't do it justice. The above picture was taken w/ my camera phone. 

I am also happy to report that after I took the picture and continued thru the stop sign, I saw the beautiful chickens that the rooster was in the window primping for. I'm not sure if he was primping or just being a bully & not letting them in the old garage! Ha! 

Got my hair redone today. Very happy w/ the way it turned out. Life is feeling pretty good right now! 


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