Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cancer Sucks!

Said it for the last two days & going to keep on saying it...CANCER SUCKS!

A dear friend ended her earthly journey on Friday due to Cancer. She bumped her head on a bus trip in June 2012, went to the dr's, found out she had cancer, started treatment, passed on 1/4/2013.

Rosey was a bright spot in my day. I could always count on her smile to be waiting for me each morning at work and always a friendly hello or it's not too late to turn around. After she went out on leave, I missed her but wanted to stay in touch. I sent her weekly cards that were timed to arrive on her days of chemo treatment. Sometimes they were get well cards, other times cards of encouragement and yet other times cards talking about what was going on in daily life. Rosey sent us a card after her treatment started & she wrote a now famous line of hers in it. "When life hands you lemons, add Vodka".  Often I would send her a note to say I was adding the Vodka.

My last card to Rosey was sent from Houston, Tx on New Years Eve. I'm sure she did not receive it before she passed but I hope it brings a smile to her family's face to know she was still that bright spot in my day.

An angel has gained her wings and I truly believe she will be an Angel watching over me. Thanks to cancer, suicide and age I have quite a few angels to watch over me. But it still never seems fair.

RIP my friend. Your memory will not be forgotten.

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