Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beautiful Women!

I am blessed to have so many strong, beautiful women in my life who wrap me in love, support, strength and confidence.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of dinner with 17 of these beautiful women. Some of these women have been having a mother's day dinner for the last 33 years, others were attending for the first time and yet others like myself have been invited for the last few years.

Many laughs were shared, tears were shed, love was encompassed.

My many thanks to Janet Carey & Diane Adam's mom for making my heart glow. She sat across the table from me. Before leaving she made it a point to tell me that she had enjoyed seeing my smile the whole evening and hearing my laugh.  She said that I should carry that smile thru the next day because the following day (5-6-12) was to be world laughing day. I remembered her comment & did indeed carry that smile & laughter thru.

Diane, their Mom, Janet

Sharing some of the pictures from the dinner with you.

Janet was so excited to get a Mother's Day Card!

Janet & Grammie Miller

Our Matriarchs

My most favorite picture of the evening. This one shows the pure laughter that occurred. 

Grammie & Nancy-LOVE

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