Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Feeling Sorry for Myself!

Having one of those days where I just feel sorry and sad for myself.
I guess I should have known it was coming, I've been on a pretty good high for a couple of weeks now.
I guess if this stumble is only one day, I can deal, but I already suspect it's not.
Yesterday was a day of hatred, lashing out, withdrawing, wanting the world around me to disappear.
Today is a day of sadness, sorrow, feelings of loss, despair, pain, loneliness, fear, heartache, uncomfortableness.

Rain Rain Go Away,
Come Again Another Day

I want the rain on my mood, my heart and my head to go away & not come back another day.

My body hurts, my head hurts, my soul aches, my limbs, my joints, my eyes, my toes...they all have an unexplainable pain, a sorrow, a grudge, a harbored feeling of resentment.

so while the sun shines outside, the gloom cloud resides over me.

tomorrow is another day. I will make it thru this withdrawl day, crawl into bed tonight, hug my stuffed animals and hopefully slumber off to a land where the gloom cloud can stay and I can come out in a world filled with sunshine, rainbows, love & joy.

-Gloomy Cheers-

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