Monday, May 6, 2013

Motorcycles and Yoga

I have always been a fan of Pigeon Pose in yoga. When a teacher would ask if anyone had any suggestions for poses, I would be the first to offer up Pigeon Pose. Pigeon Pose is a hip opening pose that often provides an emotional release.

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I have also always been a fan of motorcycles. The release that you get from riding is like none other. When you are a passenger, it is a great chance to just relax and unwind. An emotional calm comes over you.

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So yesterday while observing a couple out for a sunny Sunday ride, I pondered the thought that somehow the two things could be related. How could I be getting the same satisfaction and release from yoga's Pigeon pose that I used to get when  I rode motorcycles. Than it hit me. the release is in the HIPS!

It is said that most women store their emotions, stress, burdens, etc in their hips. So it would only make sense that any activity that (knowingly or not) allows you to stretch and open your hips would provide you an emotional release.

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