Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday was a week since our friend earned his angel wings. 

My day felt eerily similar to that day a week ago, I was in the same place, at the same time, that the phone call came in. I anticipated a bad phone call that thankfully never came. 

What did come has left me smiling and being thankful. On my ride home, I was trying to recollect how I got myself home a week ago. The tears were overwhelming, I had lifted my glasses for most of the drive. Surely an angel had to guide my car home that day. As I entered the Cross Valley, I saw a most beautiful sight. Gliding past me was the most beautiful, big wing span, hawk. I smiled with delight. I don't see hawks very often and when they do, I smile. I marveled at what an amazing site this hawk was gliding & floating near a major cross road. (Not that the hawk knew it was a major cross road, it's near the river.) 

Today I was coming up the driveway. I slowed on the hill for a chipmunk who seemed undecided on which way he/she would go. Than I took a moment to look to the side for the momma bear & 3 cubs that we had spotted on Friday evening. I did not see the momma & cubs so I started along again. Very shortly I was greeted by another most beautiful sight. A hawk, taking flight from the ground. The hawk did not seemed bothered by me and was not in a hurry to get away from me. In fact, the hawk flew to a tree and settled in to watch me. So I slowly backed the car up some and sat there in awe. I wondered if perhaps the hawk was looking for food or waiting for me to leave so it could go back to it's found treasure. The hawk never took it's eyes off me. 

We held a stare for a few moments, the hawk & I. I thanked the hawk for bringing me a message and told him/her that I appreciated it. Than I cried. I cried because I knew the hawk had been sent to me. I knew the hawk had a message. You see in my 14 years on the hill, I've never had the personal encounter of a hawk so close. Often I can watch them from thru the window on the side porch or gliding off in the field, but never up close and never have they just stopped to watch me. I did not wait for the hawk to take off, I slowly started rolling the car to my parking spot. I never looked back, didn't feel the need to. 

I have not found a true trust in my instincts & feelings, so when I got home I googled it. I knew that what I felt was right, but needed reassurance. I found it. The hawk is a messenger. 

That's all she wrote...

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