Thursday, May 1, 2014

Changing of the Guard

I can't go back to yesterday
Because I was a different person than. 
-Lewis Carroll-

Since we left our family in Texas in January, two of our dear loved ones have passed on.

My heart aches at their loss. At knowing I will never see their smile again. At realizing when we said good bye it was for the last time.

My heart smiles because I got to know them. Because I had the opportunity to love them. Because I am a better person because my life was touched by them. My heart smiles because both of them welcomed us with open arms into their lives and loved us with all their being.

I realize that time goes on, that things change and that new relationships will be formed. But my heart will never forget the touch these two people put on it.

I broke down in tears when I had to relay the news and as the person on the other end told me, you have to remember we are getting older and we've expanded our circle of family, we are going to be touched by more life and more death. In looking at it that way, I will take the pain and sorrow because I would never trade my expanded life.

I love you all.

a piece of home

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