Monday, June 16, 2014

Reflections on Father's Day

So it wasn't until yesterday, that it occurred to me that it was Father's Day. We had spent the weekend at our first regional burning man event, Freeform. We had to return early so hubby could golf in a tournament with his dad. As we were making one of the final turns home, it hit me that it was Father's Day and I had not put a card in the mail for my stepfather. At first I was so upset with myself. How could I forget to put a card in the mail. Than I thought, well I'll send a text message to let him know I'm thinking about him and thanking him for being such an important person in my life. So I did just that. The day goes on, I'm unpacking stuff from our weekend, doing laundry to get it hung on the line and reflecting upon Father's Day and what Father's Day means to me. You see I have a father. He was active in my life until at one point he decided that I did not need to be a part of his life any longer. Every once in a while, I reach out. Sometimes I'll get a response back, other times I get nothing. My most recent contact was to send a copy of a drawing that his mother (my grandmother) had done at some point. I don't know if the drawing ever made it to him as he never sent a thank you or a hey it made it here. So as I reflected on Father's Day and read other's posts on facebook, I thought to myself, how can I turn a negative feeling into a positive one. I could have spent my time dwelling on the loss I feel at being cut out. As I am his only child & only daughter, one would think he would want to be a part of my life, even if only from a distance. Instead I chose to reflect upon the men in my life who have an impact on me. Who have touched my life in such positive ways. Who appreciate me and love me unconditionally and greet me with open arms every time I see them. Those thoughts brought such a happy smile to my face. I felt like the kisses from the sun were little blessings from these special men in my life. So I took a moment to sit down and send these special people in my life a simple text. Wishing them a happy father's day & thanking them for being such wonderful people & having such a special place in my life. I than reflected upon the wonderful man that chose me to be his wife. I thought about all the ways that he is special to me and our fur babies. I thought how I would love to write him out a father's day card and thank him but knew he would think that was corny. So instead I decided to surprise him with a dinner from the fur babies and I. Turns out the fur babies and I picked just the right thing. As he arrived home from a long day of golfing (I guess 5 hours is long in golf timing), we surprised him with his favorite wings & pizza for a special Father's day dinner. He still thought it was corny when I wished him a Happy Father's Day from the fur babies & I and wanted to know why I was being so mushy...but his face lit up when he heard how much we appreciate him. So to all the men out there who are father's by choice, I wish you a happy belated father's day. Wether you are a father to a fur baby, a human baby, a father to a child not yours, a father to a friend who needs a caring soul you are a blessed being. I wish you light & love. -Cheers-

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