Saturday, June 7, 2014

Morning Thoughts

While my babies are all nestled in bed with their dad. I have the pleasure of some quiet time to myself for reading and observation. While my babies are tucked in snuggling, I have the please of watching the creatures outside play. From the pair of robins that fly to & fro, chasing one another from branch to porch & back. To the chipmunk, posing on the railroad tie and taking in the morning sun. Almost as if in Mountain Pose. Squirrels running back & forth on the pool fence, more playing than looking for goodies, I assume. To the momma bird, that has her nest just outside our door, coming to the side porch in search of things to feed her babies that just hatched two days ago. I wander over to my garden, freshly tilled and awaiting new plants. Stop to smell my herbs and marvel at how they flourish. I feel the sun kissing my face and shoulders. I say a silent thank you to all that is and all that I have become. I love this life that is mine. I love this home that we have made. I, just simply, LOVE!

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