Thursday, February 23, 2012

Point & Shoot

Wanted to share this beautiful scene I captured today on my drive out of the office parking lot.
The deer were walking out of the woods & down to the pond for a drink.
In all I counted 5 deer coming down. To the right & left of the 2nd bench are one deer each.

It must have been an active day for the creatures today. Hubby had to stop to let the turkey cross the road and than after I got home we were sitting on the side porch & 3 deer came walking out of the woods towards the pool.

Beautiful Sights!

And all the more reason why I need to pick up a point & shoot camera to carry with me. I did actually get a picture of the deer drinking out of the pond, but the memory on my phone was full and it wouldn't let me send it anywhere. AUGH! So I think this weekend I will go on the search for a point & shoot, under $100, that has a good zoom, clear pictures & easy uploads. Than I'll be overwhelming you, my loyal blog followers, with lots of lovely pictures.


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