Friday, February 10, 2012

Redneck Wine Glasses

I love our local Hallmark store and can be found in there on an almost weekly basis. Either to buy cards or check out the latest clearance updates. 

So today I had a good laugh when I stopped in to pick up a few cards after work. I took a path I normally don't & stumbled upon these. 

This, my friends, is a generic red solo cup on the wine glass base! Check out what they are charging (picture caption)
Found in the Hallmark store for $10 EACH!

Found something similar in Hallmark store for $20 EACH!

So I know you are thinking...why are redneck wineglasses so funny?

Because John and I have been making Redneck wine glasses for a few months now. We gave them out as Christmas Gifts this year and we made a special batch for kielbasa fest! 

So while out walking Miss Winnie today it occurred to me that I am missing out on a great opportunity. 
Our redneck wineglasses are now officially for sale! 

A set of 4 for $30! (Shipping is available if you are out of the area. You pay for shipping)

How can you go wrong! 

Hallmark is charging $20 FOR1 glass wine glass. I am charging $30 for 4 glass wine glasses. 

Mine come with ribbons, a pretty cool tag and a pretty fabric topper. Hallmark did not have any of that. 

So check out my wine glasses & give me some feed back!

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