Monday, November 28, 2011

Beautiful November Day

Not a great first day for hunters in NEPA. Weather was too warm and the deer didn't want to move...but man oh man..what a beautiful day!

As I sit here writing this, it is 56 degrees out and we have the bedroom windows open. So beautiful. The pups could stay outside as long as they want. No fear of them becoming popsicles. Last night the moon was a thumbnail, today it is a tad bigger. Maybe more of a sliver shape. Clear skies so the moon can be seen clearly.

I did make it out at lunch today and it was a beautiful, sunny day. I am writing about this so when next year we are piled deep in snow, freezing weather and ice...I can reflect back on this day and how beautiful it was. Don't get me wrong, I think the snow and freezing weather are beautiful as well--when someone else is driving.  But it's nice not to worry about having to save days off for snow days.

Hope the weather where you are is just as beautiful and in the same breath I hope for more favorable weather for the hunters tomorrow. A tad cooler, a little more overcast....things that make the deer move.


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