Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love how inspiration for my blog can come from anywhere.

This morning it was when I stepped out the door, on my way to work. I stepped onto the stoop and stopped to take in the morning air. It was a beautiful morning, I was on time, feeling good about having accomplished some tasks this morning before leaving.

I paused to watch a leaf falling from the sky. I watched the leaf twirl as it descended & marvelled about how it reminded me of watching helicopter seeds as a kid. The leaf turned round & round, just like those helicopter seeds, just at a much slower pace.

You see the helicopter seeds have some place to be. They have a mission, a goal. They are going to land somewhere, take root & some day turn into a tree that is produced by helicopter seeds and in turn produces more helicopter seeds. My leaf on the other hand was able to take its time. It had fulfilled its journey for the tree & was now starting on a new journey-becoming compost to help the trees grow. A longer, slower process that allows more time for slowing down.

I appreciated that reminder this morning. To slow down, take a little deeper breath and appreciate all that is around you.


  1. Little words of ummm from El Sed.
    I never knew how much i loved you and point of view till i got to see it again.

  2. @el sed--thanks el sed for such kind words. It was my hope that using this as a creative outlet that you would get to share a side of me I don't seem to find myself expressing in person.
    Hugs & Kisses
    Miss Rabbit