Saturday, November 26, 2011


If you noticed, I am sorry for not posting yesterday. The day got the better of me and I was asleep before I knew it. Oops. But I do promise to make it up to you today. I've been a busy little beaver this morning (2 cups of coffee can help facilitate that).

1) Uploaded my Turkey Day pictures, want to share some with you.
2) Beautiful, unseasonably beautiful weather for NEPA in late November. I am loving it. I can't wait to get out & play in it some more. More pictures at the park-I'm thinking! I found some new places I want to explore.
3) Support local business Saturday! I will be doing my part. Today is the Red Cross Craft Show at the Kingston Armory & I know 2 vendors I've made contact with & want to hit up. But I think I will find lots of other fun stuff there too.  (Plus I'm taking my camera to try & get some awesome pics inside the armory) Than I hope to hit Hillside Farms up after that. Both with my camera & my wallet. A small serving of milk is on the agenda for this lactose intolerant gal.

So to get you started...while you wait in anticipation of my are some pics I wanted to share with you!

This is from a new album idea I am toying with. Morning Drive. Couldn't resist snapping this little guys picture. He  held on for most of my drive.

Pumpkin in the swamp. Accompanied by a "root ball"

Ducks in a newly formed pond

Francis Slocum State Park on Turkey Day

These are the beautiful geese I wrote about the other day. I tried to get them as they were coming in for a landing, just gracing the water but my camera acted up. I was glad to find this picture in the pile this AM. 

Francis Slocum State Park. Turkey Day 2011. Leaving you with the calm, serenity this picture provides. I hope you have a calm, serene day. 


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