Thursday, November 24, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. A special thanks to my friends that shared special pictures and thoughts with me today.

I spent Thanksgiving enjoying a cozy little dinner for two at a restaurant. Thanks to my hubby for the wonderful company & conversation. It was quaint, it was intimate & it was just perfect.

I spent the morning attempting to take some artsy type photos at our local state park. I think some turned out well but the one I really wanted didn't turn out. As I was walking up to the boat launch, I heard some geese in the distance. This was a great sound as it was just me, the water, the wind & the sun in the launch area. I turned to look for the geese & saw they were in a beautiful formation not too far from me. I pulled up the 35 mm to take some pics (I just believe the pics on the 35 mm turn out better) and ran into an error. So than I scrambled to turn the digital on & it is older so it just wouldn't get to where I needed to be. So I finally took a deep breath, relaxed and enjoyed the view before me. Those beautiful geese came in for a landing on the water & it was one of the most awesome sights I have seen. Graceful, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil.

My whole morning was filled with grace, beauty, peace & tranquility. I saw about a dozen deer on my drive over to the park. Followed by about 2 dozen ducks in a pond near a new housing development, than the geese at the park. That was a new part of the park for me to explore & I can't wait to get back there & spend some more time. I even packed my hiking boots today not knowing what I felt like doing. Every time I go to the park it seems like news things pop out at me. Today I found two new parking spaces & a new trail to explore. Can't wait.

So I'll leave you tonight with an artsy photo I took this summer. This was around the time of our flooding in 2011.

Enjoy your many blessings, find peace, light and love in all that you do. Love yourself always.

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