Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November coming to an end

Yet another beautiful November day. Even though it rained, it was unseasonably warm and beautiful.

Tomorrow is the last day in the month of November and I stop to reflect. Where has yet another year gone. Have I spent most of the year wishing it away? Waiting in anticipation of things to come? What do I do after they get here--wait in anticipation of more things to come?  Often times I think I take pictures of so many things because I can't cram all the images, thoughts, memories and events into my brain and I don't want to miss any part of anything. I want to be able to take it all in. To enjoy every scent, every image, every feeling.

So with that being said...I went back thru some pictures from earlier this year and reflected on my thoughts and feelings when I took them. Sharing with you some pictures of the mighty susquehanna river. Before creating this day for myself, my last memory of watching the susquehanna flood was around 1976. I remember standing at the top of the stairs & watching the water lap up. I was too young to know or understand the feelings people were having from the flood of 1972. This year has created new understandings for me of those feelings. The sense of loss, devestation, recovery.

Taken from the stairs I remember standing on as a child in 1972
A friend and I were discussing the differences between being the first born & the last born. We were discussing how with the first child most people are cautious, hesitant, more home bound. With the 2nd & following kids the parents are more laid back, more ready to just pick up and go.  He mentioned that in the first 5 weeks of his 2nd child's life the child has experienced a flood, an earthquake & a hurricane. This kiddo was only born in August 2011. It made me wonder if his child will grow up hearing about the flood of 2011 the same way we grew up hearing about Agnes-the flood of 1972.

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