Sunday, November 20, 2011

So I've been playing with the idea in my head that it takes 30 days of continuously doing something for it to become a habit. Playing with it, because I keep telling myself if I can do my blog for 30 days straight than things will continue to flow out of me and people will continue to be inspired.

Today my 30 days challenge was confirmed via an email. The subject of the email was called "The 100 day challenge". It was about a local yoga studio student and how she started her yoga practice. She started on a 30 day challenge, was proud of herself for accomplishing that. Went on to 40 days, than 60 days, than 100 days. She said each day it was easier to carve a niche of time to do what she now felt a devotion to. This is a student that only goes to the yoga studio 1 night a week, the rest of her practice is first AM in the studio or getting up at 5AM to put an hour in before she wakes her daughter up. She is now at 199 days.

She almost mentioned something else that plagues me at times. She can't seem to stop the conversations in her head. While she may be on the mat & doing her practice, her mind is still having conversations that she can't seem to quiet. That happens to me a lot & that was some of the reason I started my blog.  I figured I have all these conversations going on, why not share them with the world. Better than trying to stiffle them and letting them fester til a later date.

So I am now on day 8 of posting with 22 more to go for it to become a habit. I am loving this experience and the horizons it has opened to me.

Many more journeys to come, I assure you of that.

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