Thursday, November 17, 2011


So after a very long day at work, I was trying to decide what I would write my blog about tonight. I thought I'd show you some new pictures of my hair, but the camera battery died and it's late.

Thanks to El Sed for providing me some inspiration tonight. As I was sitting here plugging away at facebook, I hear an odd noise coming from across the room. Than the TV goes on mute. I reluctantly turn my head to see if what I am hearing is real. Good old El Sed cracks up in laughter. Amused by my befuddled look, I suppose.

So what could he have been doing that would warrant a blog post, you ask? Well there are many things he could have been doing. He is after all my husband and loves to make me laugh. But tonight, tonight there are no words to share. Just a picture for your viewing pleasure.

This is the song I heard....

And all of that was followed up by him asking me to spell for him...mathematically. I had to type it out to spell it for him.

So I end with  "conjunction junction what's your function". I hope it's stuck in your head now too.


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