Friday, November 18, 2011

Lights in the Night Sky

It seems in the last few days I have heard the same saying or something close to it over & over again.

-When you look up in the night sky and see the stars, know that someone you love is looking down on   you-

As we were driving back from picking up dinner and a movie tonight, I pondered that idea. I know the idea that someone watching over you is not a real portrait of reality but a means to make an uncomfortable situation more bearable. The thought that someone you love is as close as the stars in the sky.

My mother always taught me that when someone dies, they are never far away from you. She taught me to see my loved ones in the wind blowing the trees, the flowers showering us with the pretty blooms, the sun warming us with it's rays.

When my brother passed away it was a very difficult time for all of us. Sometimes I felt like I was being punished because almost a month after he passed away we were on the road (in a Hertz truck) moving to NM. Unlike other people that I knew, I didn't have a grave that I could go to visit. I couldn't just go to sit & talk with him. In time, I did learn to see my brother in all the things around me. Sometimes I even imagined he was holding my hand as I went thru some very difficult choices.

Yesterday I was shocked yet again. I saw a picture of my youngest nephew & was blown away. I can't get over how much of my brother I see in him. He is turning into such a handsome young man. I wanted to tell him how much he reminded me of my brother but held back because I don't know how much he knows of my brother. I don't know if my sister shares those memories, those thoughts with her children. I know my future children will know of all the wonderful people who touched their life without them ever having met them.

I will explain to my future children why a slight breeze can bring a smile to my face, why certain scents can bring a tear to my eye. I will make sure that my future children know to cherish those they love and remember them even after they have left this life.

I believe in writing letters to those who are no longer with us. I believe in having conversations with those who are gone. And I do believe that my husband's grandmother's spirit plays inside a certain little cat of ours.

Memories are a wonderful thing. A thing of beauty to be shared.

Peace & Love

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