Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bottle Caps, Runts & Red Licorice

Who would have thought that such simple little treats could make so many so happy!

Bottle Caps, Runts and Red Licorice. I could probably make up a song about these 3 things that make me happy! But like all things that make me happy, I like to pick them apart. Only certain flavors, certain colors or certain shapes.

Bottle Caps
Bottle Caps..oh such a wonderful little treat. Thanks to my friend Vinny I now get to have Bottle Caps more often than just Halloween (when they are a popular treat!). Vinny has taken it upon himself to take up my quest for bottle caps every time he goes to a flea market, toy show or other event that may have candy vendors at them. My Christmas gift from Vinnie was 4 movie size boxes of bottle caps. Yahoo! Before that he found me several rolls of bottle caps to take on our trip to Texas. But my favorite flavors of Bottle Caps are Cola & Root Beer! Oh yum, yum, yum.  Next in line would be Orange & Grape. Ones that I never, ever eat..Cherry. Way too sour for me. And i eat my bottle caps in the order. I pour some out, separate the flavors & than munch away!

Runts are another of my favorite treats. And yet another treat that I only like certain flavors. First & foremost you always should eat the bananas. Than the cherries. Next onto grapes. Lastly & only if you don't feel you've had your fill you should eat the orange. Limes are a never in this bunch.

Red Licorice 
Yet another one of those delicious treats. Thankfully this one doesn't have many options that you have to choose between colors. Just size. Sometimes you can be in the mood for a Nib and other times for a rope. Anyone for a roll of red licorice?

I have a thing about separating M&M's too. Separate by color, than start with the pile that has the most colors in in! LOL 

What are some of your favorite snacking candies & what weird habits do you have with your snacking candies? Or am I the only one? 


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