Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just taking a moment to wish each & every one of you a wonderful, welcoming into 2012. I hope 2011 was good to you and that you look forward to 2012.

We are having a quiet celebration at home. Hubby is still reuping from the knee surgery and small jaunts out are about all we can manage right now. Very much looking forward to our friends from Texas coming to visit us tomorrow! Not very happy about how many Cherry Bottle Caps are in the box I am currently eating (there have to be at least 20 piled up already)

I am looking forward to 2012. Looking forward to many more opportunities in life and happiness. Exploring many different options. Continuing my blog & hopefully getting back into the flow of pictures.  I hope your 2012 looks just as prospective.

Cheers my friends!

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