Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walk by Moonlight

My dad used to ask me, quite often, if I needed an "attitude adjustment".  In order to help me understand what an attitude adjustment was, he would play Hank Williams Jr on the cassette player in the pick up truck.

Well tonight I needed an attitude adjustment and I am quite thankful for my husband and his much kinder ways than my father. We took a walk by moonlight. Rather than just walking the driveway, we suited up and walked around the woods in the newly fallen snow. It was a fun time. Decompressing, taking in the sights, the scents and the sounds. He showed me new deer rubbings that I had not seen before.  He also showed me tracks that I thought were from the dogs & showed me how to tell that it was really a deer track.

We walked, we talked, we absorbed, we observed & I released. It was much needed decompression and I am thankful to him for having that sense about him to know I needed to decompress and knowing the perfect way to do it.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday evening.

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