Monday, December 5, 2011

Made in America/Keeping it Local

Earlier today I posted on Facebook that I like buying locally for christmas gifts. Most of the time when I buy locally, I know the artisan making the product and I feel good knowing that a locally purchased (made) Christmas Gift is a two fold gift. Not only is it going to the recipient I intended it for, but in turn I am providing the artisan with a method to provide their own christmas gifts (money).

I spent a good portion of my day pondering if I could manage to do all of my christmas shopping locally this year. I should tell you that the gift I purchased this morning was the first Christmas shopping I've done this year, so probably buying locally would be a good thing as I won't have to spend money on shipping, often expedited shipping, extra waste in packaging, the angst of worrying if it will get here on time, blah, blah, blah.

So tonight as I casually listened to the TV, Diane Swayer ran a piece about Made in America (here is the link: )
They were talking about how people are taking the pledge to only purchase christmas gifts made in America. How parents were getting children involved in their mission. How people spent alot of time looking at the packaging to see where it was made.

So here is my challenge to you and to myself. Maybe not everyday, but when you are in the grocery store, department store, drug store...take the time to make sure one of the items you are picking up was "made in america".

I will also try to keep my gift purchasing for christmas local. I've already got several ideas in mind.

One more thing for you to check out. Have you ever used flavored salts in your cooking?  Have you wondered where to get them? You don't have to. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN. I've been viewing several recipes for flavored and smoked salts and am thinking what cool gifts they would make. Showers, Christmas, Housewarming, Host/Hostess, etc. Let me know if your interested & I'll post in another blog.

Thanks again for sharing in my pleasure.

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