Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Surprises...

It's the little surprises in life that make you smile more often.

Surprises like reaching into a winter jacket, at the end of a long day, and finding that you have a pair of warm, cozy gloves waiting for you in the pockets. So carelessly stowed away in the spring is now lovingly found with joy. Your hands rejoice that you have once again thought of them. Little do they know it was done with carelessness when the weather started turning warmer and the coat got more and more forgotten.

Surprises like reaching into a pair of pants and finding money that you forgot you had left in there.

Surprises like finding little treats in purses stored away during season changes. Treats like lipstick, change, love notes, gift cards.

These surprises are all such fun things and ones that we forget happen from season to season. Tonight I am thankful for those found warm, cozy gloves and in the spring I will be thankful for more found things.

Joy for this Friday Evening. Play Safe.

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