Sunday, December 4, 2011

Off Days

Sorry for not posting. Just having a few off days here. Days where you get the creepy crawly feelings and can't shake them. As far as I know I have no reason for these happening, today at least.

So yesterday my 2nd nephew deployed for Afghanistan. Wishing him lots of luck and lots of positive vibes are being sent to his new wife.

Matthew & Brittany Simms 11-11-11 

Matthew Simms day before deployment & with his new promotion!

So how many nephews do I have that I have to refer to oldest nephew is Joshua, than there is Matthew, than my niece Kimber and than my 3rd nephew Zachary. All my sisters kids. All kids that I didn't have a lot of interaction with because of living in NM most of their lives and than not speaking to my sister for most of the other time.  They are all great kids and I am glad to reconnect with each of them via Facebook. 

I also have two nephews by marriage. Two beautiful little boys that I am very proud of. Ennis is 5 and currently living in Canada with his dad. Ennis and I connect via his love for books & stickers.  Liam is 11 months and lives in NY. Liam was born 6 weeks early and is quite a handsome little dude. I suspect he will be walking before Christmas. Right now he is big on clapping.

Weather here is still abnormally beautiful & I am loving it. Sucks for the deer hunters, too warm for deer to move. News is on the TV now. Talk about some possible snow this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that the buck is brought home for our freezer! 

So til tomorrow. I hope you have a great night! Cheers! 

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