Friday, December 23, 2011


Where has the time gone? I can't believe tomorrow is already christmas eve. Seems like it just snuck up this year.

That annoying little cough from Sunday...well that turned into bronchitis. Kudos to hubby for calling it before he went into surgery on Tuesday. He said-you have bronchitis. I couldn't believe when I found out he was right. I've only had it 2 other times so I have no idea how he knew.

Worked from home today. That was a fun experience. I am thankful to work for a company that allows me the opportunity to work from home as needed. Will probably do it a couple days next week.

Today there was a bridal shower held at our house for a family member who is getting married in July. It was a lovely shower-simple. The bride was hoping to not have a shower but shared her gratitude that it was kept simple and was filled with memories and love. Much love and happiness to her & her groom to be.

My aunt & uncle are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary today. I love them both to pieces. They had such an influence in my life.

Tomorrow..tackle the last of the christmas shopping. Hopefully get hubby on his first adventure out of the house since the knee surgery. Perhaps make some clams, steak & shrimp for dinner. Hopefully get some well needed rest. Sunday is christmas day & monday is a holiday for me.

Hope everyone is doing well & ready for the holiday. Merry Christmas to you & Cheers.

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