Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Merry Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas.
Ours was simple, easy and quick!
Now onto New Year's and welcoming 2012.

Hubby is on the mend. Hard to believe it will be a week tomorrow since he had knee surgery. I am on the mend as well. Finally spent most of last night able to sleep without coughing uncontrollably. Hands are hurting and today I finally broke down and took some advil for it. I get frustrated because I can't understand why they hurt but than simple conversations make me realize that I am doing so much more now than I am used to. People really do take for granted the things other people do for them.

Here are a  few of the things I am thankful to my hubby for doing: 
1) coal--filling the hopper and dumping the ash.
2) carrying laundry down for me
3) cleaning the bathroom
4) helping me make dinner
5) carrying in packages
6) driving
7) helping to bath the pups

Hope you all are enjoying the down time of the holiday season.

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