Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Blahs/Love Local Shopping!

Sorry for not posting as regularly as I would like. Life has slowed me down a bit the past few days.
Not uncommon for this time of year. Just a few more days & things should start looking up again. A little frustrated that I've developed a cough and I don't know it's origin. Don't have time to be slowed down right now.

But I am happy to report I did get some christmas shopping done this weekend and I managed to keep it local. Found a great little shop. It's near my office and I've been wanting to get there but could just never find the time. Well Saturday I made the time. Check them out  Earth & Wears facebook page

Some other great sites!
Lyn's Etsy Shop
Lyn's pottery teachers shop
her daughter's shop
breaker brewing company-I work w/ these guys at a real job! LOL

oh-zie Designs.  - I've mentioned Kim's shop before. She makes awesome hats & fingerless gloves. This year she added fleece to the design & I'm even more in love. My fingers are normally okay but lately I find it's my wrists that are bothering me alot. Kim's recycled T-shirts & fleece hand warmers are the perfect thing. They keep my wrists warm, they allow me to move my fingers freely. My thumb can easily move in or out of the glove & they are so fashionable I can match them with any outfit!

Hoping this one ends up under the christmas tree!

Next up on the agenda. Making some redneck wine glasses for gifts! 


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